Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for insurance?View Details

Complete the individual application form.  Request for insurance is subject to satisfactory medical evidence.  Simply email the form once completed to begin the process.  Original documentation must be mailed to our office.

How are the rates calculated?View Details

The applicable rate is based on your age as of April 1st. On the renewal date of the program (being April 1st), the computer recalculates your age and if you enter a new age band, the higher rate is applied. The rates are age banded primarily in 5 year bands.

Is a medical exam required?View Details

The insurance company, at its expense, may request additional medical information i.e. lab collection, vitals, attending physician’s report of any applicant.

How do I bump up my insurance?View Details

You must download & complete an application as the request for extra coverage is subject to satisfactory medical evidence. It does not impact the existing insurance benefits.

How do I change my beneficiary?View Details

The insurance company requires a letter signed, dated & witnessed (someone over the age of 18). Once the letter is received in the mail, an updated certificate will be issued.

How do I change my address?View Details

You can call our office or email the information ensuring your name & certificate number is provided.

Is my insurance guaranteed?View Details

Your individual insurance coverage will not be cancelled, nor will renewal be refused, provided you maintain your eligibility and pay the premiums within 30 days of the due date.

Is this insurance portable?View Details

This insurance, except for Office Overhead Expense, may be continued wherever you move, providing eligibility is maintained and the annual premiums are paid. In the event of disability, you must return to Canada in order for benefits to commence.

How do I make a claim for benefits?View Details

Please contact our office to obtain the necessary forms. For term life, you must notify us within one year of becoming totally disabled. For LTD/Office Overhead, you must contact us within 90 days. Notice of claim for AD&D or critical illness must be provided within 30 days.

Are premiums waived during disability?View Details

For long-term disability & office overhead, premiums will be waived retroactively after six months of total disability. For term life, if you become totally and permanently disabled, premiums will be waived as long as disability continues, but not past age 71.

How do I change my surname?View Details

We require a copy of a driver’s license, passport, etc to be emailed to us along with your name and certificate number. An updated certificate will be issued to confirm the change.